Antonella Filieri in charge of Delvitech’s R&D department

Antonella Filieri at the head of Delvitech’s R&D department to lead the AOI revolution

With her an experienced and international staff

Cum laude Degree in Computer Engineering, already with Delvitech as Software Development Team Leader over the last year, in the background of Antonella there are experiences in areas such as business modeling and machine learning that are perfectly integrated with the mission of the Swiss company.

Delvitech, in fact, was born as a new market subject from the union of cutting-edge skills and knowledge in terms of Artificial Intelligence with consolidated international experience in the field of 3D automated optical inspection.

In the electronic industry sector, technological progress is still today determined by the quantitative increase in the performance of machinery. However, in an industrial age where part of the hardware is a commodity, the added value and progress reside in the logic of use and in the algorithms of operation. It is for this reason that Delvitech has decided to concentrate the largest part of its research and development activities on the application of the principles of Artificial Intelligence to 3D optical inspection systems which, historically, work by detecting only the adequacy of some numerical and dimensional parameters rather than with a logic of total quality. The systems that Delvitech will present to the market starting from Productronica 2019 will instead have self-learning, self-programming and, above all, real-time interaction with other systems in the production line.

Roberto Gatti, Chairman of Delvitech, said: “The revolution that Delvitech represents in the electronics industry and the value that the company promises to create for shareholders passes through Artificial Intelligence, which can also lead to considerably widening the fields of application of optical inspection. Antonella and her team are creating something never seen before, with totally innovative logics that guarantee Delvitech a significant competitive advantage. “

Antonella’s team is completed by Sumedh, Arpita and Leonardo. Sumedh holds the position of A.I. Leader based on his academic experience and many international publications in the field of artificial intelligence, while Arpita covers the role of Quality Assurance Manager in Delvitech, which she already held during his career in testing wide-scale technologies in the fields of industry, telecommunications and commerce; Leonardo, on the other hand, is a Senior Software Engineer with experience in Italy and Spain in the areas of development, efficiency and testing. Delvitech’s R&D team also includes Andrea, who specializes in databases, and Veronica, a graduate in Computer Engineering from the University of Indiana (USA) who focuses in software development in complex environments.

Antonella Filieri commented: “The challenge that my team and I are facing is important and stimulating, we are confident that the experience and knowledge gained during this first year at Delvitech will allow us to achieve our goals and bring onto the market 3D automated optical inspection systems that will be truly innovative for the first time in decades. The partnerships that we have in place with leading university research centers here in the Canton Ticino in the field of Artificial Intelligence are an important added value and represent an additional advantage for us. “


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