Sanson SM Technologies Pvt Ltd: new Delvitech’s distributor

Sanson SM Technologies Pvt Ltd: new Delvitech’s distributor

The Swiss company active in the AOI industry begins a new partnership for opening to the Asian market.

Delvitech SA is becoming a multinational company in the AOI industry, crossing European borders and reaching Asia.  To be able to take advantages of the fast – growing market, DelviTech has began a new partnership with SansonTechnologies, an Indian distributor of SMT machines.

By focusing on some data, It is obvious that the APAC region is going through a period of development that is more than exponential, especially in the manufacturing sector: an estimated growth of 444 million dollars by 2024, with a CAGR rate of 24.3% (Markets and Markets, 2018). In recent years, for the ASEAN countries, the manufacturing sector has been (and will always been more), one of the main driver for the economic growth in the region. The statistics are clear: an increase is expected at an annual CAGR rate of 6.6%, between 2016 and 2020 (Gnanasagaran, 2019).In other words, an important opportunity for a company active in AOI inspection of electronic circuit boards as Delvitech.

“We consider strategically important to start a partnership with a local distributor”, says the CEO of Delvitech, Mr. Roberto Gatti.  “We need to consider the exponential growth of the market that needs to be monitored and We have to be capable to reply immediately with technologies suited, which are able to support the business in the better way. Just think of the automotive sector in APAC countries, and the direction that is taking: new energy vehicles, powered by electrical and hybrid system in continually developing. Delvitech meant to be part of this development.  This is the reason why we need to have an affiliate partner, already active in the distribution, who has a knowledge of the markets and its needs. We could not wish for a better partner”.

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