The American corporation, specializing in motion and control technologies, upgrades their systems by choosing the Artificial Intelligence.

Mendrisio, 17/11/21  Delvitech SA is proud to announce Parker’s production plant in Morton has decided to renew its AOI systems opting for our Artificial Intelligence based technology.
The new system, based on real neural network models, guarantees an easy, reliable, fast and robust defect detection, eliminating the need of complicated image processing algorithms. In addition, the system is capable to self-program and self-correct.

The importance of the Artificial Intelligence in a production environment is explained by Roberto Gatti, Delvitech CEO: “Traditional parameter and threshold-based AOIs face difficulties to adapt effectively to all variations occurring in the production environment. The advantage of Machine Learning in a production line allows to improve the customer’s line production, not just in performances terms. Firstly, decisions are taken faster, then processes are optimized and it’s easier to offer a 24/7 service.”

In fact, the usage of artificial intelligence enhances human performance: AOI programmers will only be required to use smart inspectors with no parameters which deliver unparalleled defect detection with incredible accuracy and an extremely low false alarm rate.

Richie Evans, Manufacturing Service Manager in Parker says: “The ability for Parker Electronic Motion & Controls to upgrade an existing asset with to the next generation of Quality tools with AI capability allows us to adapt & evolve quickly to a rapidly changing Electronics manufacturing environment. This in turn improves our quality & capability for our customers. The Delvitech team have been engaged fully throughout, listening to the needs our business and then providing robust solutions for today and exciting technology growth plan for the future.”

Some technical data

Parker H. experienced a >70% average decrease in the number of false calls with the D.ONE system when compared to their current legacy system. Their AOI PCB cycle time was reduced by more than half as well as enabling their ability to inspect 0201 components. With Delvitech’s D.ONE AOI system Parker H. also benefitted from the reduction of recipe creation time due to its new enhanced features and inspectors.


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