A new generation of AOI system

3iS: the global 3D solution

3iS is a revolutionary 3D, Artificial Intelligence-based Automated Optical Inspection ecosystem. Forget about complicated separate configurations for each plant and imagine having only one standardized AOI solution, which is a perfect fit for every inspection process, every line and every manufacturing plant.

The company

Delvitech designs, produces, and implements 3D Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) systems for assembled printed circuit boards (PCB).
Innovation and R&D underpin all our activities. Optical inspection systems are designed using agnostic software based on artificial
intelligence to offer extraordinary inspection capability and efficient programming.

Thanks to its international team, collaboration with SUPSI, and The Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence (IDSIA USI-SUPSI)
and the vast experience of the founders and managers in the AOI sector, Delvitech proves itself a qualified supplier for the electronics market.


Our AOI machines

Delvitech offers 3D Artificial Intelligence-based Automatic Optical Inspection System for electronics industry to enable the inspection and control of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly processes.

AOI technology

The Automated Optical Inspection technology plays a vital role in error detection during the assembly of printed circuit boards.
The 3iS ecosystem allows to customize the software to fulfill the requirements of every process. This configuration can easily be deployed to multiple lines and even to multiple factories.

Delvitech’s 3iS technology can be applied to Through-Hole Technology (THT) as well as the Surface-Mount Technology (SMT) inspections. More precisely, 3IS uses common hardware and the same software platform for post-paste, post-placement, post-reflow, pre-wave, post-wave, pre-selective, and post-selective actions.

Artificial Intelligence
in our solutions

Multiple Neural Network Models allow the 3iS system to perform fast and smart image analysis, capture otherwise undetectable features and have a wide range of implementation.


Once again this year we will be present at Productronica 2023, the world’s leading trade fair for the electronics manufacturing industry.

Productronica is the most important platform for innovations and world premieres, and we will also have some important news.

Visit us from November 14 to 17 at Messe Munchen, stand 227, hall A2.​












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