The AOI solution for all types of boards

Aton is an innovative full 3D inspection solution based on Artificial Intelligence that revolutionizes the concept and standards of Automatic Optical Inspection systems, covering SPI and post reflow production phases.
Aton is the perfect solution for all industries, being able to deal with different sized boards, even the most complicated, heavy, large and with tall components.


  • Patented true 3D measurement optical technology
  • Moving transportation system on linear motors for X and Y axes.
  • Transport on Stage
  • Z-axis movement
  • Top Clearance up to 120 mm
  • Bottom Clearance up to 140 mm
  • Boards up to 10 Kg and 550×500 mm

Optical Head Technology

  • 6 intelligent cameras
  • High-resolution, high-speed top camera with FPGA integrated
  • Polarized camera for enhanced inspection capabilities
  • 4 side cameras
  • 4 digital projectors for true 3D reconstruction
  • Custom Telecentric Lens to eliminate parallax error
  • 3 levels RGBW LEDs

Empowering Technology

Innovation to go beyond optical inspection knowledge. AI to see every electronical and mechanical element. One single solution for all inspection stages.
We make the invisible visible.
We make the impossible possible.