Swiss Made as value

We operate globally, but our values are deeply rooted in Switzerland. “Swiss made” for us is more than a simple designation of origin. Traditionally, being Swiss is primarily synonymous with quality and reliability but that is only a fraction of what makes us who we are. For Delvitech being Swiss not only embraces the highest standards of quality and precision, but stands for pioneering high-tech solutions, without forgetting our employees and importantly our region. We create value for our people, not only with competitive compensation but also, by implementing initiatives for an enriching and prosperous work-life balance. Delvitech has an inseparable bond with Canton Ticino: We collaborate with two thriving Swiss institutes devoted to the study and developments regarding Artificial Intelligence and technology: The Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence (IDSIA USI- SUPSI) and The Department of Innovative Technologies of SUPSI. All the activities of research and development, prototyping, production, and assembling take place in Switzerland, heavily leveraging local suppliers. All of these practices allow our products to receive the very important Swiss- made designation.

Certification ISO 9001

Since the inception of the company , we embrace quality as one of our cornerstones. We put first our stakeholders, guaranteeing transparency, and guaranteeing our commitment to sustainable practices. The electronics market is becoming increasingly demanding and requires accuracy, fast reaction times, and an ever-lower number of false calls. Delvitech employs the latest cutting-edge technologies, as well as a global mosaic of the best talents on the market to combat these rising industry challenges. From the month of February 2023, Delvitech officially obtained the ISO9001:2015. The scope includes the software research and development of AI and advanced computer vision algorithms, hardware research, development and design of custom high-performance cameras, projectors and LED illumination, design and production of electromechanical and optical assembly, final assembly, sales and delivery, technical service, and customer support of AI assisted automatic optical inspection (AOI) solutions for industrial electronic manufacturing.

Certification ISO 14001

Environmental protection, the sustainable use of natural resources, and the introduction of and compliance with appropriate social standards are fundamental factors in the process of ecological, economic, and social development.
The preservation of resources and the improvement of the quality of life for future generations, as well as the goal of developing a circular economic system, are at the core of all our activities.
It is with these principles that we have worked to achieve ISO 14001 certification. Delvitech’s environmental and social policy runs alongside and complements the quality policy, through which the company is committed, for example, to preventing pollution, reducing the CO2 produced, using energy and natural resources efficiently, and informing and training all employees on environmental aspects, goals that are pursued through the development and continuous improvement of an Environmental Management System.


Delvitech machines are designed and manufactured in accordance with all European product regulations and directives applicable to them, bear the CE mark and are accompanied by an appropriate Declaration of Conformity. They are therefore fully suitable for placing on the European Union market.