The AOI solution for industries requiring fast inspection

Horus is a revolutionary 3D inspection solution driven by Artificial Intelligence, which transforms the conventional norms and expectations of Automatic Optical Inspection systems, encompassing all stages of SMT and THT production.
Horus, characterized by the possibility of a dual lane conveyor with fast loading and unloading, a moving optical head and the ability to inspect mechanical components, is the perfect solution for those industries requiring fast inspection.


  • Patented true 3D measurement optical technology
  • Moving optical head with linear motors
  • Top clearance up to 55 mm
  • Bottom clearance up to 55 mm
  • Boards up to 5 Kg and 560×550 mm
  • Loading and unloading in less than 2 seconds

Specifications expressed herein may be subject to change.

Optical Head Technology

  • 5 intelligent cameras
  • High-resolution, high-speed top camera with FPGA integration
  • 4 digital projectors for true 3D reconstruction
  • 3 levels RGBW LEDs

Specifications expressed herein may be subject to change.

Empowering Technology

Innovation to go beyond optical inspection knowledge. AI to see every electronical and mechanical element. One single solution for all inspection stages.
We make the invisible visible.

We make the impossible possible.