Delvitech at Electronica 2022: how did it go?

From November 15 to 18, Delvitech was present at Electronica, the international electronics fair held annually in Munich, where they presented their latest innovative technology.
Participation in this noteworthy event turned out to be a great success; their expectations were far exceeded, both in terms of the number of attendees who came to visit our booth and the quality of the visits. Delvitech managed to acquire pivotal contacts that they will be partnering with in the immediate future, starting 2023 with many exciting new things.
Delvitech presented 3IS technology (Aton and Neith software) at the fair, which was welcomed with great enthusiasm by the attendees. The most appreciated was the enormous potential of artificial intelligence and the benefits that can be obtained from it. Electronica trade fair was also an opportunity to increase the brand penetration in the German market, which is strategically important for the company.
Hard work, dedication and technological innovation presented at Electronica last month resulted in Delvitech signing an important partnership with German distributor Kuebler. Delvitech is proud and excited for this new partnership and looks forward to servicing the important German market going forward.