The new branch called DelvitechAI Vision Systems India Pvt. Ltd. is situated in Bengaluru, it has opened its doors, and is work-ready with an efficient on-place sales and assistance team.

Mendrisio, Switzerland, March 2022

Delvitech is excited to announce the opening of a new base of operations (DelvitechAI Vision Systems India Pvt. Ltd.) The inaugural activities of this branch have officially kicked off at the beginning of March in Bengaluru, India.

The innovative ways of applying Artificial Intelligence in Automated Optical Inspection systems, its high-quality machinery, and its business model have laid a solid foundation for the rapid growth of Delvitech in the current Industry 4.0 landscape. These developments have led to the expansion of Delvitech’s worldwide presence, therefore acknowledging the pivotal economic landscape of South-Eastern Asia, thus inspiring our new branch in India.

DelvitechAI Vision Systems India Pvt. Ltd. has a the advantage of having an on-site sales and support team that is able to provide immediate and on-the-spot consultancy.

This facility also houses our Delvitech demo lab where customers can see, touch and physically experience our new 3IS machine.

The New Establishment

The new Delvitech branch in Bengaluru, India, is located inside a technological park complex belonging to the Velankani Group. In addition to offices, the Velankani Group Park marks a strategic culmination for Delvitech. Namely, Delvitech and the Velankani Group’s partnership has been unbreakable and deeply intertwined for some time, and with its continued strength will only propel us forward.

While concerning the opening of the new branch, the CEO of Delvitech Roberto Gatti agrees with the implementation of new opportunities in India: “We are quite happy to have opened the Indian establishment as it symbolizes our growth as a company and the investment in the rising economy of India”.
Mr. Vasanth, the Head of Asia Operations at the new Indian establishment, adds that he: “Believe(s) that one of strongest sides of that branch is the on-site new Indian team who will work by providing support and taking care of sales on a local level”.

About 3IS

3IS is a revolutionary Artificial Intelligence-based Automatic Optical Inspection solution. Its unique high resolution and high precision patent optical head, allows to perform constant 3D image capturing for accurate measurements. The new software Neithwill make possible to get repeatable inspection results on all production lines. In addition, it simplifies big data management by using AI, which enables a higher quality line and thus increasing the first pass yieldThe machine configuration and library can easily be shared between lines and even between different manufacturing plants. In this way it is possible to have comparable results from several plants reducing programming time.

About Delvitech

Delvitech is a Swiss-made company that develops high standard AOI systems helping to detect errors and improving the time and cost management in the production progress of electronic boards. Delvitech refines the latest AOI solutions by merging avant-garde performance technologies and AI to get the most high-performing results.



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