Delvitech opens its own branch in the USA

The President of Delvitech, Inc. Emilio Sacerdoti presents the initiative

Delvitech is the Swiss company that represents one of the major innovations in the field of 3D Automated Optical Inspection systems, due to its technological vocation based on artificial intelligence.

Today the company announces the opening of its American branch in San Diego, California, headed by Emilio Sacerdoti.

The American team is working on two fronts: on the one hand it is preparing for the market launch of the new automatic optical inspection systems with the Delvitech brand, based on Artificial Intelligence, which will make the new 3D optics even more efficient; another front, however, has the objective of offering a closer and more direct operational support to the industries of the PCB sector that are already working with Delvitech machines. In fact, between the United States, Canada and Mexico, the installed base consists of a few hundred systems. Delvitech can thus provide these companies with technical assistance and technological updating faster and more effectively.

The presidency of Delvitech’s American branch was entrusted to Emilio Sacerdoti, manager with international experience, graduated in economics cum laude from Bocconi, specializing in economics at Yale University with prominent roles in the International Monetary Fund. Regarding the development of Delvitech in North America, Sacerdoti comments: “We are in contact with important American Research Institutes to increase the know-how and potential of the parent company. And it’s right with the purpose to give visibility to this continuous innovation that we will soon be installing a demo room at our headquarters, set up with all the latest developments in our technologies to offer American customers the opportunity to personally verify the enormous technological progress represented by the proposed systems by Delvitech in the field of 3D optical inspection. “

Roberto GattiChairman of Delvitech, said: “Delvitech is a real breakthrough in the electronics industry. The American market is very important for the electronics sector and therefore also for us and that is why we have decided to structure ourselves in the United States, a country to which we will reserve more than some attention in the future.”


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