Delvitech welcomes Mr. Stilianos Pelagidis, eagerly anticipating the invaluable contributions he will bring to Delvitech team.

With a focus on pioneering AI-driven solutions for automated optical inspection of electronic board assemblies (PCBs), Delvitech continues to bolster its global presence. Following last week’s announcement introducing Mr. Paul Tartaglia as North America Country Manager, the company now welcomes Mr. Stilianos Pelagidis to lead sales efforts in the EMEA region.

Bringing over three decades of expertise in the electronics manufacturing industry, Mr. Pelagidis has cultivated a wealth of experience across various facets of optical inspection. From technical service and production coordination to key account management and sales, his multifaceted background underscores a profound understanding of the optical inspection industry. His track record of cultivating national and international clientele, coupled with robust technical acumen, positions him as a pivotal asset in Delvitech’s European market strategy.

As Delvitech strives to solidify its foothold in Europe, a central market both in terms of heritage and growth prospects, Mr. Pelagidis’s appointment represent a further strategic move towards Delvitech’s market expansion, contributing to the company’s transition from startup to industrial player.

Delvitech CEO and Founder Roberto Gatti declares, “The time has arrived for Delvitech to broad its technology worldwide.”

Within a remarkable span of just five years, Delvitech has engineered a groundbreaking technology that is reshaping industry standards. Gatti emphasizes, “Our innovative solutions are not merely transforming optical inspection; they are redefining its very essence. Witnessing an increasing recognition of the intrinsic value of our work and businesses embracing our technology is immensely gratifying.”

The recent addition of industry luminaries such as Paul Tartaglia and Stilianos Pelagidis to the Delvitech team underscores the magnitude of the company’s vision. Gatti concludes, “Their expertise further solidifies our commitment to revolutionize the landscape of optical inspection.”

Delvitech continues to lead the charge towards a future where innovation sets the standard, empowering industries worldwide with cutting-edge solutions, and welcomes Mr. Stilianos Pelagidis, eagerly anticipating the invaluable contributions he will bring to Delvitech team.

About Delvitech

Delvitech is a Swiss based leading provider of AI-based automatic optical inspection (AOI) solutions aimed at revolutionizing the printed circuit board (PCB) assembly and electronics manufacturing landscape. With a focus on innovation and quality, Delvitech is capable of elevating both cost and process efficiencies, ensuring scalability and inspection repeatability on all production lines. It aspires to make the PCB production process swifter, more reliable, and highly scalable by not only detecting errors, but inspecting the whole production process. Delvitech solution is not just about minimizing errors; it is a commitment to reducing waste, cutting down CO2 emissions, and pioneering the path as the first sustainable AOI solution.