The Indian company goes for the automatic optical inspection machine Aton

Velankani Electronics, a global leader in Electronics production, has invested in Delvitech’s AOI technology by purchasing 3 Aton machines. Velankani will be the first customer in India with the Aton solution coupled with it’s groundbreaking Neith software.

Despite the instability affecting the entire global economy, Velankani is in great expansion and needs an increasingly sophisticated system to meet customers’ demands. The market requires increasingly accurate measurement of very small components, and a reduction of inspection time and false calls. “That is becoming a true challenge, but thanks to this newest Delvitech technology, it will be easier”, says Mr. Kiron Velankani CEO.

The Aton machine is part of a wider concept: 3IS (Innovative Intelligent Inspection solution). “We love to talk about ecosystem,” says Roberto Gatti Delvitech CEO, “because it comes with a set of cutting-edge technologies, both hardware and software. This will allow our customers to have never before seen performance with a unique AOI system fully modular, flexible, and integrable”.

Compared to the previous system, Aton boasts modern software based on modularity that guarantees higher amounts of customization. Delvitech’s usage of artificial intelligence presents new features, such as self-programming, which makes recipe creation easier due to our cloud based package library and recipe management solution. The new process is faster and more accurate because there is no more need to have the typical CAD or Gerber data. The algorithm is capable to acquire in total autonomy the images and heightmaps with minimal external inputs.

“We are very satisfied with the collaboration with Delvitech, a company constantly evolving and capable of responding to our needs. We very much look forward to having the first Aton machine at Vekankani”, says Mr. Kiron.

About Velankani Electronics

Velankani Electronics Pvt. Ltd. is an electronics manufacturing enterprise that focuses on the design and manufacture of products that qualify under India’s Government–led “Make in India” program. Under the brand name Prysm, VEPL’s ISO 9001-certified facility manufactures top-quality set top boxes, RF meters, LNBs, and head ends for the broadcast industry; servers for enterprises; mobile phones and consumer electronics for markets worldwide.

About Delvitech SA

Delvitech SA was founded in 2018 by an experienced team. The company develops and produces automated optical inspection systems for the electronics market. The purpose of AOI systems is to perform visual inspection during the manufacturing process. Optical inspection systems are designed using software that is based on Artificial Intelligence. Delvitech AOI systems are mainly used for the inspection of assembled printed circuit boards (PCBA) by electronic manufacturing services. The company has entered a collaboration between its R&D and IDSIA, an important research institute for artificial intelligence, and the Department of Innovative Technologies of SUPSI.